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Oddcast - Streaming Media

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Oddcast - Streaming Media
« on: July 05, 2009, 01:30:26 PM »

# All the UI code has been rewritten, got rid of wxWindows, and now am using MFC dialogs for everything.

# Multiple encoders! Add an arbitrary (limited only by CPU) number of encoders of varying types and settings.

# Support for LAME (via lame_enc.dll), AAC (via libfaac.dll), and Ogg Vorbis. (MP3 and AAC require purchase of an encoding license)

# Addition of a proper digital peak meter. If you think that the meter is always pegged, then you are probably right..Try looking at most music today in CoolEdit and you'll see what I mean... :)

# Metadata - you can manually enter metadata as you could in oddcastv2, but I've added the ability to grab the metadata info from either a file or a URL. Useful for those who have external metadata systems.

# Live Recording - I've factored out the live recording and now you can enable/disable it without disconnecting/reconnecting your encoders. I've also added a dropdown which allows you to select which device to record from, as well as a slider for specifying the recording volume. Consequently, live recording works *much* better now.

# Auto-connect - this will connect all defined encoders at plugin startup (delayed 5 seconds).

# Unicode - I think I've solved all the unicode problems in both winamp and foobar. If you have files that aren't being displayed properly let me know..

# Foobar meta tag support. If you are using foobar2000 and are encoding in vorbis, then oddcast will take all the fields defined for the track and add them as vorbis comments. If you are encoding in MP3 or AAC, you are still stuck with just artist and title, sorry, it's the nature of the format.
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